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Welcome to the Online Tinware Catalog


The online tinware catalog includes many of our more popular products, including prices, measurements, and available finishes for each. Please note that prices and available finishes are subject to change without notice.  While this online catalog contains many items, it does not contain all of our products. We are always refining current products and developing new products.  This online catalog is our ONLY catalog, since we are able to update it immediately when we have new items available.

The online catalog is divided into the following four sections:

Lighting Devices - sconces, lamps, candlesticks, lanterns, chandeliers, &c.

Camp & Home Tinware - various food and beverage containers, cooking pots, &c.

Decorative & Christmas Tinware - period accessories, nightlights, treetops, icicles, ornaments, &c.

Finishes & Other Product Information - descriptive information about available finishes, decorative tinware use, and electrified tinware

  Wholesale inquiries-- We must strictly limit wholesale orders due to the fact that only two skilled craftsmen personally  handcraft each item that we sell. We have no employees or apprentices.

Send inquiries to:

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