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Our Favorite Websites

Artisan & Musician Friends' Websites
Early American Life Magazine 
Historic Sites & Museums 
Living Historian Friends' Sites 

We are honored to have been selected for
Early American Life Magazine's
"Directory of Traditional American Crafts" for 14 consecutive years, 1996 through 2009

Ohio Arts & Crafts Guild--
The official webpage of the Guild where you will find links to many members' webpages;  links to otherarts/crafts sites; snippets from Creative Ohio, the Guild's monthly newsletter; photos of members' work; and membership information.

Artisan & Musician Friends' Websites

Be a Fifer!--Learn to play the fife! The webpage of Philadelphian Ed Boyle who has played fife for over 50 years and performed all over the world. He is the supplier of all things fife-related as well as a great deal of valuable information on learning to play. Even recipes!

Calico Goose--Decorative & Tole Painting--Barbara Franzreb
Barbara is a long-time painter and friend.  Her site includes a catalog and the opportunity to purchase her original painting patterns.  Barbara's painted pieces are sold in Colonial Williamsburg. and other fine shops.

Kannik's Korner--Kathleen & Fritz Kannik, patternmakers Fine patterns, well-documented for 18th & early 19th century costumes.  

Living History Shop--R & R Toone, Field Equipage Museum quality reproduction travel furnishings from 1740-1790. Including folding beds, chests, tables, chairs, wheelbarrows, and all manner of accessories.

Najecki, Roy & Debra's Reproductions Home Page--For the serious 18th c. reenactor.

Olde Virginea Floorcloth & Trading Company --Sharan and Roger Mason craftsmen in the fields of decorative arts of the 17th-19th centuries such being folk art painting, sculpture, floorcloths, furniture with both fine and painted finishes

Dean Shostak--violin, glass armonica,  & hurdy gurdy
Dean is one of only a handful of musicians in the whole world who own and play glass armonicas.  Glass armonica is an instrument invented and played by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. See our friend Dean's concert schedule,  hear clips of his music and order tapes and CDs. Dean has performed in Colonial Williamsburg for many years and is a very accomplished musician on violin, the glass armonica, and hurdy gurdy.  His collection of glass instruments now includes a new glass violin, glass bowed psaltery, and glass handbells.

Dean Shostak shown with glass instruments: glass armonica, glass bowed psaltery & glass violin
(Click on images to enlarge)

Tasha Tudor Family


Three Feathers Pewter--David "Three Feathers" Jones & Willa Hollingsworth  Three Feathers and Willow (Willa) produce superb quality pewterware by casting, spinning and forming. " Three Feathers Pewter" has been featured in Early American Homes magazine's "Directory of Traditional American Crafts" and twice in the EAH Crafts Calendar  The shop is open to the public in Millersburg, OH, and demonstrations are offered.  

Wax Portrait Miniatures--Donna Weaver
True and Accurate Likenessess have been taken from life of notable PERSONAGES & copies will be made with fidelity and dispatch. The wax is of the finest to be found in Philadelphia. The portraits are mounted with ELEGANCE on painted glass, suitable for display or framing.

Weeping Heart Trade Company--Greg & Julie Hudson, proprietors.
Clothing made to order for discerning ladies & gentlemen, accoutrements, elk mocassins.

Windsor Chairs by Gregg Heath - Traditional hand made Windsor chairs. 18th Century Windsor reproduction styles including Windsor Rocking chairs, sack backs, bow backs, comb backs and continuous armchairs in the Connecticut Style

Historic Sites & Museums

Colonial Williamsburg--We would like to share our favorite place to visit with you!  Step back 200 hundred years in time and rub elbows with Thomas Jefferson and other People of the Past.  Attend a ball at the Governor's Palace or enjoy a fine colonial meal while strolling balladeers provide musical diversion.  Take a carriage ride or watch a master craftsman at his work.  Go to a dramatic witch trial, make purchases at a colonial auction.  All this and more is yours to participate in when you visit Colonial Williamsburg!

Fort Frederick--Big Pool, MD


Fort Ticonderoga--Ticonderoga, NY

Friendship-- a reconstruction of a 171-foot three-masted Salem East Indiaman built in 1797. It is docked at Derby Wharf, Salem, MA as part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. Friendship is open to visitors for unique educational experiences.

Historic Mansker's Station--Goodlettsville, TN

Mercer Museum, Doylestown, Bucks County, PA  

Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson--The beauty of Thomas Jefferson's home must be seen to be appreciated.  Perched on a mountaintop near Charlottesville, VA, it is the product of a lifetime of effort.  The view is breathtaking, and the home and gardens are alive with Mr. Jefferson's belongings, plants and trees.  A must-see!

Historic Mount Vernon--The restored home and gardens of our first President, George Washington.  If you haven't seen Mount Vernon lately, you haven't seen Mount Vernon!  This lovely home, its outbuildings, gardens and farm on the banks of the Potomac has been restored to perfection.  Many hands-on activities are in store for the whole family.  The Mount Vernon Inn serves a fine colonial meal, as well.

Old Fort Niagara-- Youngstown, NY.

Poplar Forest--Thomas Jefferson's Bedford County, VA, octagon-shaped retreat now undergoing a state-of-the-art restoration

Stratford Hall--Birthplace of Robert E. Lee

Living Historian Friends' Sites

1st VA Regiment of the Continental Line Homepage--

2nd VA Regiment Homepage--

40th Regiment of Foot Homepage--

 AmericanRevolution.org--Your Internet Gateway to the AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE 1775 - 1783

Brigade of the American Revolution Homepage--http://www.brigade.org/

Burnley & Trowbridge Company--Fine fabrics, patterns, books, &c., for the 18th c. reenactor.

CLAN AN CU - The Highland Independent Company of Darien

Continental Consulting, "The Colonial Chronicle"--Philip D. Weaver, Proprietor--Find it all here:  consulting, 18th & 19th c. North American military history, educational programs, research projects, reproduction clothing, &c.

(The) Continental Line Homepage--

Dan Joyce, Bookseller--If it's a book on the American Revolutionary period you're looking for, look here!

Food History News - Sandy Oliver's newsletter devoted to the research and recreation of historic foodways. Start a subscription and/or order back issues at the website. Highly recommended!

Heart to Hearth Cookery-Susan Maclellan Plaisted's site devoted to Early American and Native American Foodways

H. M. S. Richmond - Royal Navy & Marines Living History - 1775-1783

Maryland Loyalists Homepage--

Masters Degrees in History - Listing of universities offering

Military Warehouse--wholesale only resource for AWI & Civil War reproduction items

Past Masters in Early American Domestic Arts 

RevListe Main Page--Home base for the members of the mailing list for Revolutionary War reenactors.  Find a sutler & merchant list, pictures, primary source material and other information here.  

Riverside Chapter California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution--Just one of many fine units reenacting the Revolution.

Ryan, J. P.--The Recollections of J. P. Ryan--Fine patterns for 18th c. clothing.

Smoke & Fire Company--Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval Clothing, Patterns, Books, Historic Camp Gear, & Period Accoutrements

The Virginia Public Store--Proprietor Todd Post offers a variety of historically accurate reproductions for Revolutionary War living history

Wm. Booth, Draper--Specializing in fabrics for historical reenactors and you will find that on our website we provide ideas of how to use our products as well as period quotes to support our ideas. We provide many items that are difficult to find such as linsey woolsey and appropriate printed fabrics.

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